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Our Little Farm...

After moving to Washington State in 2015, we quickly realized the abundance of beauty this state has to offer. When we purchased our property in 2018, we noticed an unfound love of growing and nurturing our property. From the plants to the vegetables and the bees, and even Kim's newfound love of crochet, we found peace in our little piece of land. Fast forward to 2023, we have Sadie Acres (named after our German Shepard Lab mix, but we can't leave out our Jack Russell Terrier, Skeeter!). Sadie Acres is designed to offer many areas of hand-crafted products; soap from essential oils we distill from our plants, honey and wax from our bees, handmade crochet blankets and winter apparel, and more items to come. Our hope is to bring the joy we have in our little farm to your home.

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