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The Sadie Acres Loofah - a handmade creation by the talented artisans at Sadie Acres. This soft yet scrubby loofah is the perfect companion for use with Sadie Acres soaps. Made with care and attention to detail, this loofah is gentle on the skin while providing the perfect amount of exfoliation. Each loofah is uniquely crafted, making it a beautiful addition to your bath and skincare routine. Treat yourself to the luxury of a Sadie Acres Loofah and experience the difference in the quality of handmade products.

Soap sold seperately. 

Sadie Acres Loofah

SKU: 83338324
Excluding Sales Tax
  • This item is not eligible for return or refund unless this item arrives damaged or opened. Please contact us through our website should you have questions about our return policy. 

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